Commercial Construction

Latha construction plays a major role in commercial construction companies in Erode Tamilnadu. Our quality constructions prioritize the coincidence of all your profit making definitions in the form of undertaking critical projects in the construction field. And our main motto is to be got first place in leading construction companies in Erode list.


Compartments and highly secured chambers along with massive installations across the sections inside Banks would own its perfection by our Artful thoughts and skilled labours.

Government Buildings

Our remarkable services reach Government construction commitments as well and it naturally showcases our extraordinary engineering as one of the top most commercial construction companies in Erode Tamilnadu.


“We are one of the leading construction companies in Erode”

We are focusing industrial & commercial construction projects in Erode. We did more commercial construction projects like schools, colleges, etc., Our project quality give us a top place in list of construction companies in Erode.

Parking structures

Facilities we make speak our names that increase our portfolio in turn along with the prime models we construct. Well built flooring and stone mappings we provide would be exclusive for parking.

Office Buildings

Storey buildings are our comforts to launch the biggest landmarks in the street through our hands. Official building models refer stylish and well facilitated ambience along with garden pitches at wherever needed. We provide you trust on our words and doings with pre successful construction plans and developments.

Public safety

Many Public Safety buildings are also having the experience of our exclusive deliveries made done by well trained professional engineers and skilled workers to present the plan on live.

Retail Buildings

Shopping Mall

Majestic pillars, spiral stairs, crisscross rooms and garden sitting space inside Malls are some of the common ideas from our side basically to construct Malls with evergreen trendy touch.


Constructions with intrinsic accomplishments that overcome the basic criteria of the buildings what we construct.

Banquet Hall

We are the righteous commercial construction companies in Erode Tamilnadu that easily create spacious halls with well planned accommodation structures inside with our innovative power of constructions. In industrial construction, We are one of the leading construction companies in erode.