Water Treatment Plant Construction

Our services are impeccable and we have trustworthy builders and developers in erode on the water treatment plant construction in and around Erode.

New water and waste water treatment plants

Large water storage tanks to hold untreated and treated water are installed with massive intelligence and we structurally manage the water supplies as well.

Treatment plant expansions and renovations

Renovated water plants from our hands beat the first infrastructure and we strive for it during every expansion of your landscape.

Administration/operations buildings

Our passion definitely meets the customers’ soulful satisfaction and belief. Control machines are installed in route to the specification plans inside the operations building blocks.

Pump stations

Water flow check is done from our side before we work out the construction plan for any Pump station construction for the perfect finish.


Membrane bioreactor systems

Reactors always need water coolants that we launch with very minute well finish accomplishments with brilliant labor force.

Ultraviolet and ozone disinfection systems

Advanced methods we follow in the construction of ultraviolet systems with multi layers of disinfection mechanisms installed.

Thermal hydrolysis

We render extra effort to launch thermal plants with all feasible features to hold heavy temperature for a hydrolysis plant.

Sludge treatment systems

Sludge treatment requires multiple layers of treatment and the layers might be membranous or porous plates of various sizes and from our side we provide assured sludge treatment options.

Cogeneration systems

Our water treatment plants construction team works on flexible construction modules and this shows the capability to face all new modeled advancements from customer hands.

Dewatering facilities

We get appreciations on launching dewatering systems with our remarkable construction services.

Equalization basins

We stand at our standards that reputation invites the customers and provide them the confidence on our deliverables.

Inclined plate settlers

Our Engineers render prompt services in the installation of inclined plate settlers and the proper water flow management is prioritized.

Diffused air blower systems

Huge air blowers we install along with calculated diffusions and promise you the accurate outfits for the installations.

Combines sewer overflow mitigation

Mitigation structures need regulated water flow along the pre defined routes through pumps and pipes and we take intensified care for the prompt installations.